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knowledge manager

Knowledge Manager

Your job is to improve resource efficiency, product innovation or collaboration through better leveraging of available knowledge resources or external customer knowledge.

In light of 2015 revision of the ISO norms the discipline «Knowledge Management» will gain more emphasis and focus in the near future. This revision includes knowledge management and competency management as mandatory parts. This will create challenges for Small and Middle Enterprises who have been not yet thinking about knowledge management.

As a knowledge manager you want to translate the potential of knowledge management into tangible business results. This can influence compliance improvements, integrated reporting, process optimization, lowering of risks and cost optimization. Your management expects a good return of investment from knowledge management projects.

Knowledge management has been AHT's core competence for the last 20 years. The key learnings of the many AHT knowledge management projects have been summarized in a chapter of the book «Wissensmanagement beflügelt» from AKA-Verlag.(in German)

Based on our experience we have developed the following services for all the various aspects of knowledge management. Please, contact Pavel Kraus for more information on our knowledge management toolbox, expert opinion (Gutachten) and innovative approaches.

Based on an interview with Pavel Kraus knowledge management pays off if:

knowledge managerknowledge managerProject teams make slow progress
knowledge managerknowledge managerCoordination of processes becomes too complex
knowledge managerknowledge managerCommunication among organizational units is failing

knowledge managerknowledge managerLack of overview is preventing effective action
knowledge managerknowledge managerNew collaborators should become productive faster
knowledge managerknowledge managerFluctuation of knowledge workers gets to big
knowledge managerknowledge managerToo many specialists are retiring

knowledge managerknowledge managerOne can not find information fast enough
knowledge managerknowledge managerRecources are not used optimally
knowledge managerknowledge managerThe wheel gets reinvented again and again

AHT Knowledge management services

New: Knowledge management for Start-ups

knowledge managerknowledge managerSynchronization of collaboration and communication in dispersed teams
knowledge managerknowledge managerClarification of the value proposition
knowledge managerknowledge managerVisualization of product and service ideas
knowledge managerknowledge managerDocument management in a virtual environment
knowledge managerknowledge managerHow to manage multi-projects
knowledge managerknowledge managerHow to balance out face-to-face and virtual meetings
knowledge managerknowledge managerEfficient productivity across several sites

General services, Expert opinion and Second opinion

knowledge managerknowledge managerDebriefings and personal knowledge transfers
knowledge managerknowledge managerOnboarding programs enabling new collaborators get productive fast
knowledge managerknowledge managerCustomer knowledge - assessment and integration
Knowledge management and ITIL
departement head servicesdepartment head servicesQuality management (ISO norms update 2015) and knowledge management implementation
knowledge managerknowledge managerSecond opinion on the efficiency of knowledge management activities
knowledge managerknowledge managerExpert opinion on knowledge management programs (Wissensmanagement Gutachten)

Strategic view

knowledge managerknowledge managerDeveloping concepts for «Knowledge Portals or Knowledge Bases» creating a central place for exchange
knowledge managerknowledge managerAssessments of needs and options for knowledge management introduction based on
KM success logic
knowledge managerknowledge managerPositioning of knowledge management in your organization (Download slide)
knowledge managerknowledge managerNetworked organization - Communities of Practice
knowledge managerknowledge managerKM strategy definition and implementation
knowledge managerknowledge managerComplexity management workshops
knowledge managerknowledge managerSkill management implementation
research and developmentresearch and developmentInnovative Intranet search and content curation concepts

Process view

knowledge managerknowledge managerProcess visualization for quick identification of context information
knowledge managerknowledge managerProcess optimization through knowledge management methods
knowledge managerknowledge managerKnowledge process integration into daily business
knowledge managerknowledge managerKnowledge transfer within matrix organizations
knowledge managerknowledge managerMaking simple processes and knowledge maps

Project view

knowledge managerknowledge managerProject start-up workshops
knowledge managerknowledge managerTeam communication workshops
knowledge managerknowledge managerLessons learned workshops
knowledge managerknowledge managerKnowledge maps for mission critical areas, incl. Technology Roadmaps

Collaboration view

knowledge managerknowledge managerBuilding communities of practice
knowledge managerknowledge managerIntegrating of
adjuvantive tasks into daily work to increase knowledge managment efficiency
knowledge managerknowledge managerElectronic team collaboration
knowledge managerknowledge managerUsability and taxonomy improvement
knowledge managerknowledge managerSharing best practices on a global basis
knowledge managerknowledge managerInnovative approaches: Content curation, Scrum, Simulations, Game visualizations and others

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