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Crisis / Business Continuity Manager

Business Crisis, Compliance and Continuity Management: The business management practices that provide the focus and guidance for the decisions and actions necessary for a business to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and transition from a disruptive (crisis) event in a manner consistent with its strategic objectives.

Classic natural, technological and human induced events such as Fukushima powerplant disaster (2011), the Northridge Earthquake (1994), the Exxon Valdez oil spill (1989), the Bhopal chemical release (1984), and the World Trade Center attack of 2001 have provided lessons learned that emphasize each of these factors and the need for coordination and cooperation within and between organizations, and between all levels of government, the private and not-for-profit sectors.

Business continuity standards like NFPA 1600 were established as an acceptable "legal standard of care" owed by businesses to their employees and the general public and serves as a "safe harbor" to minimize potential legal liability. Compliance and knowledge management play a major role.

The business continuity manager (BCM) and his team have to ensure compliance with these new standards and have to implement and maintain a functioning system.

For Crisis Managers and Business Continuity Managers AHT offers the following services

financial servicesfinancial servicesCrisis prevention planning
financial servicesfinancial servicesRisk management / Compliance
financial servicesfinancial servicesKnowledge availability in crisis situations - Compliance with ISO Update 2015 regarding clause 7.1.6
financial servicesfinancial servicesBusiness continuity planning
financial servicesfinancial servicesCompliance management
financial servicesfinancial servicesCrisis communication management
financial servicesfinancial servicesRecovery management

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