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Financial services

A safe place with high rates of revenue - that's the view how the financial industry was long looked at. However, the industry has had to cope with tremendous changes in recent years and a lot of consolidation is still going on. This means a wave of merges and acquisitions, pressure on the share markets and a very unfriendly business environment. A dramatically declined number of financial transactions and fewer banks were the result.

Next to these market issues, credibility problems arose in business accounting as well as in the financial industry as a whole. Pressure on cost effectiveness is the consequence, combined with tighter compliance requirements and increasing financial controls. All this means a tougher environment for management in financial industries as customer's confidence and attraction has to be regained again.

Therefore initiatives and action plans for business continuation as well as successful sales and cutomer orientation programs are required more than ever.

We offer innovative solutions to help solve current and future business issues in the following areas:

Business planning
financial servicesfinancial servicesKnowledge management strategy development at department level accross multiple sites
financial servicesfinancial servicesBusiness strategy development at department level
financial servicesfinancial servicesImplementation of Financial Planning Concepts
financial servicesfinancial servicesProfit pool identification and management

Performance management
financial servicesfinancial servicesBusiness cases (ROI) / Business model audits
corporate intranet strategistcorporate intranet strategistChange management concepts and implementation
financial servicesfinancial servicesPerformance improvement / Cost cutting
financial servicesfinancial servicesCost monitoring / Balanced scorecard
financial servicesfinancial servicesCorporate financial planning
financial servicesfinancial servicesProject portfolio management

Crisis management
financial servicesfinancial servicesCrisis prevention
financial servicesfinancial servicesBusiness risk management
financial servicesfinancial servicesBusiness continuity planning
financial servicesfinancial servicesIncident management
financial servicesfinancial servicesCrisis communication management
financial servicesfinancial servicesRecovery management

Process alignment and management initivatives

Strategic IT system alignment

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